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99.9 Fox Sports Boise is the freshest addition to Treasure Valley’s sports radio scene, delivering unbeatable sports coverage that fans can’t get enough of. We’re proud to broadcast industry-leading programming from Fox Sports Radio, connecting our local listeners with national sports talk favorites like Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and Doug Gottlieb. 

Our station is growing fast, boasting a dedicated following, enormous potential, and excellent value for advertisers. Each week, over 4,600 adults tune in for an average of 3 hours, immersing themselves in the insightful commentary and spirited discussions that define our station. In addition, our digital presence is rapidly expanding with thousands of new monthly streaming sessions.

By advertising with 99.9 Fox Sports Boise, you’re aligning your brand with a trusted name in sports and tapping into a passionate audience of sports enthusiasts. Our listeners are your potential customers, and they’re ready to engage with your business. Join the conversations happening on 99.9 Fox Sports Boise and seize the opportunity to grow your business.

Advertise with us today and score big with the dedicated and engaged sports fans of the Treasure Valley. Let’s play ball!